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Digital Reality Development

With the rapid progression of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR) technologies, how we interact with data and the world around us is changing, leading to the need for businesses to begin reviewing how and if the technology will meet their goals and objectives.

To do this, it is useful to understand what has been achieved so far and to think how that use can be applied and enhanced for your circumstances.  To date, the technology has been implemented in a number of ways:

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality places the user into a virtual ‘bubble’, where they can interact only with the virtual world.  VR installations can include additional technology, such as moving platforms, scent delivery systems and force feedback, to immerse the user deeper into the experience.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality frees the user from the constrained locations of VR and allows access to information in-situ, whatever the location.  Traditionally, AR applications use a mobile device and overlay the virtual world onto the real world.

Mixed Reality (MR)

It can be argued, and is, that Mixed Reality is Augmented Reality.  This is not an invalid argument as it still mixes the real and the virtual onto a display for the user.  However, it is a useful term at present as it identifies the need for specialised hardware, which allows for improved depth perception and interaction, making the integration between virtual and real worlds more natural.

We can help you determine which technology, if any, is suitable for your needs and – should you decide to move forward with a project – can work on either a contract or project basis.  If you would like to discuss options, please use the forms to the right to submit a project proposal or general enquiry; all submissions will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

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